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Mural Illustration

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Digital/Mixed Media Illustrations for large-scale printing

Visualizer - Vintage Singapore Mural Illustration.png

Vintage Singapore

A scene of Singapore in the 60s

A mixed-media illustration depicting a scene of Singapore in its earlier days; shophouse buildings, traditional games and local street snacks. The client had requested a nostalgic illustration piece that would compliment to the existing modern atmosphere & interior of the restaurant.

*For visualisation purposes only.

Illustration Details

The Kopitiam Scene

A scene of a typical 'kopitiam' in modern day Singapore

Capturing the vibe of a typical Kopitiam in modern day Singapore. The client had requested the illustration to be warm & reminiscent of a Singaporean hawker centre toward Singaporeans abroad, and at the same time, introducing the local concept to international folks alike.

*For visualisation purposes only.

Illustration Details

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