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Isabella Andrews 

Illustrator & Content Creator

Concept: To visualise the brand of Isabella Andrews as her authentic & whimsical self, showcasing her talents as an illustrator as well as her unique personality.

Solution: To create a brand identity with basic design assets. This includes Logo, Copywriting, Brand Guidelines, Digital Contact Cards, Product Mockups & Social Media Content.

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BellaN.drews_Branding Project_Header Image1_Edited.jpg
Isabella Andrews Logo_Header.png
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Nur Isabella Andrews (@bella.ndrews) 
is an illustrator and content creator hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore. Her definitive art style can be described as whimsical with a touch of the psychedelic. She draws inspiration from the wierd and wonderful experiences in her life, carrying with her the curiosity of an inner child. When not drawing slice of life comics and trippy artwork, she finds herself shaping tiny clay friends on ceramic pieces and making new friends at improv shows. Bonus: living with her is fiesty feline that hijacks her bedroom and takes cat treats for granted.

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